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Reinventing your Skin Posted On 14 September 2021

How to change-up your skincare routine for Autumn


Autumn is the season of change. In autumn, you skin experiences some changes too and so your skin care routine needs to be adapted to reflect this. The cooler weather encourages outdoor activities which is great for our health but means your skin retains less moisture due to the cooler, drier air. The same happens when we are inside as we tend to turn the heating up. This can leave your skin feeling dry and flaky. Think of your skin as a raincoat, designed to keep things from reaching your body. When temperatures change and our raincoat is suddenly exposed to harsher winds and cold weather, it can become damaged and not as effective.



Cleansing does what it says on the tin, it keeps your skin clean and clear of dirt. Make sure you cleanse morning and night. The turnover process of cells means your skin needs to be cleansed morning and night to remove dead skin cells before you apply any other products, be that make-up or moisturiser. The physical action of cleansing and massaging the skin also increasing blood flow and helps to eliminate toxins so enjoy this part of your routine knowing you’re doing good.


Central heating, harsh winds and increased time outside all result in the need for added moisture for your skin. Opt for hydration which includes hyaluronic acid, use a hyaluronic acid serum twice a day straight after cleansing.


Post-summer, you skin may feel like it needs a little more exfoliation that usual. However, avoid physical scrubs as they can create micro-tears in the skin which will damage it. Instead, choose chemical exfoliants with a blend of alpha hydroxy acids to help dissolved the glue that holds the skin-dulling dead skin cells on the skin’s surface.


Retinol or Vitamin A is magic for your skin. It can make your skin more sensitive to the sun so autumn is the best time to include retinols in your routine. Retinols increase cell turnover, regulate oil flow and improve the appearance of pigmentation. Build up slow to gain a tolerance and work up to using every night.


Other ways you can help your skin is to wear SPF all year round.  Autumn is also great as produce such as pumpkins and squashes are regularly available. These are rich in beta-carotene so aid cell renewal, normal skin function and collagen production.

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